• Director’s Statement

    The past has unceasingly haunted me all my life. The reason that this challenge appears in this project is that it tends to be the question in the back of my mind each day. No matter the circumstance, I miss the self I once was despite whether I was truly happy at that moment. The present never appeals quite as much as what is now gone.

    This question of, Who am I? has always baffled me, and it is this affliction that helps inspire the story in this piece. I have always been drawn to stories and especially those that are deep and evoke further self-introspection. It is quite liberating to lose yourself to another world or another time. I want to better understand this dull ache that presents itself to be a longing for something whether it is a pining for home and childhood or a craving to fulfill that forgone dream of who one would someday be—otherwise known as the ideal self.

    — Alyssa N. Myers

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